Census of Engineers

The role of engineers in the achievement of vision 2040 has been recognized under NDP2. Hence the need to know their number in order to guide planning for the future of infrastructure projects. The Engineers Registration Board (ERB) is conducting a census of all engineers in the country.

This form is hereby sent to you so that you are enumerated by the Board.

Personal Details

First Name:
Last Name:
Physical Address:
Telephone Numbers:
Whats App Number:
Email Address:
Date of Birth:
Gender  Male   Female

Engineering Qualifications:

(i) Bachelors Degree or Equivalent:
(ii) Year of Graduation
(iii) University
Are you a Registered Engineer? Tick as appropriate. YES   NO
If Yes, what is your ERB Registration Number?

Membership of Engineering Institutions: (attach photocopies of certificates)

Attach photocopies (document not exceeding 5mbs)
Type Verification code on right


How to become a Registered Engineer in Uganda

Direct Applicants
All candidates who attained 'Member' of UIPE before the commencement of the UIPE/ERB Joint Assessment Committee (JAC) are required to submit a Technical Report and Career Report plus attending a Board Interview. In addition they apply for registration by filling ERB Form ERA 1, and attaching copies of certificates for the Board's processing of the documentation.

Attributes of a Registered Engineer

The attributes of a Registered Engineer include the following: Sound understanding of engineering principles;...

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