Engineers Registration Board:

The Engineers Registration Board (ERB) was established by the Engineers Registration Act, Cap 271.

Function of the Engineers Registration:

The function of the Board is to regulate and control engineers and their activities within Uganda, and to advise Government in relation thereto. It has wide ranging powers to register, deregister, restore registration, suspend registration, hold inquiries, hear appeals and appear as respondents against a case brought against it in the High Court.

Board Members:

The Board consists of the following members (w.e.f 1st May, 2007);

Eng. Dr. Michael M. Odongo - Chairman ERB - He is the Executive Director, Uganda Road Fund  

Eng. Livingstone S. Kangere - Vice Chairman ERB

Eng. George Bwanga - Registrar ERB - Uganda National Roads Authority

Prof. Anthony G. Kerali - Member ERB

Eng. Masitula Munyaami Male - member ERB

Eng. Joseph O. Eyatu - Ministry of Water and Environment

Eng. Andrew M. Kitaka - Director Engineering, Kampala Capital City Authority

Eng. Bernard A. Kisembo - Multikonsults

  How to become a Registered Engineer in Uganda
All candidates who are admitted to ‘Member’ of UIPE under this process will on application to the Board for registration be waived from the requirements of submitting a Technical Report and attending a Board Interview. They will only apply for registration by filling ERB Form ERA 1, and attaching a Career Report and copies of certificates for the Board’s processing of the documentation.
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  Attributes of a Registered Engineer
The attributes of a Registered Engineer include the following: Sound understanding of engineering principles; Ability to integrate existing technology and off the shelf research results into engineering practice; Ability to be innovative in applying scientific knowledge to solve complex engineering problems;
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The role of a Registered Engineer in the Practice of Engineering in Uganda
A Registered Engineer is expected to: Undertake responsibility for the planning, design, implementation, operation and maintenance of infrastructure and systems for the benefit of society; Advocate for best practices in engineering; Advocate for the proper use of engineering skills and facilities of the entire human kind;
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